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Chemol Company

Chemol Company, Inc.

The Chemol Company is leading supplier of sustainable coatings, lubricants, and ingredients used in a variety of packaging, metalworking, textile, personal care and cosmetic products. Our unique chemistry utilizes safe, all-natural fats and oils as substitutes for petroleum-based products that are harmful to both humans and the environment.

Formed in 1959 as the chemical division of Carolina By-Products (a Greensboro, NC rendering and recycling company), our early products consisted of biodegradable and saponifiable compounds used as lubricants and plasticizers. In the late 1960’s, we began producing methyl esters for use in metalworking fluids.

Over the years, Chemol added a belt flaker and prilling tower to provide products in solid form. We also developed new hydrogenated products, fatty acid esters, and other specialty oleochemicals such as canola oil, fish oil, poultry grease, corn oil and jojoba to expand into personal care products, animal nutrition, leather processing, and agriculture. Just before being acquired by The Seydel Companies in 1996, we produced the first commercial volumes of biodiesel from soybean oil.

Since then, Chemol has led additional advances in global efforts to reduce dependence on petroleum through the use of our proprietary bio-products. For example, we are a leading developer and supplier of paper coatings that replace paraffin wax in corrugated board. Using our bio-wax coatings instead of paraffin wax, results in products that are fully recyclable while providing similar moisture barrier and strength performance. Adoption of our products by the corrugating industry has kept millions of boxes from reaching landfills every year!

Today, Chemol remains a trusted supplier and subject matter expert for oleochemicals and other bio-products.


ISO 9001:2015 certified production plants set industry standards for quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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