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Our Markets

At Seydel, we serve a variety of markets and industries with our expansive product portfolio.

We do not limit our products to any one industry, as we typically find similar applications for our products across multiple markets.

The following markets currently rely on Seydel products for increasing both the quality and performance of their products and/or improving their production processes.

Our Markets

Industries we are serving With our High Quality Services


Textile & Apparel

The Seydel Companies has been serving the textile and apparel market for over 100 years, and has earned its reputation for providing the most reliable, highest quality and cost effective chemicals in the industry. We offer a wide variety of chemical solutions to satisfy...

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Paper & Packaging

At Seydel, our environmental commitment has never been stronger, and our paper coatings and corrugated additives are having a major impact in reducing and/or eliminating waste for our customers, our suppliers as well as the end-users.


Personal Care

We’re experts in using natural fats and oils from vegetable, animal, and marine renewable feedstocks and their derivatives to create various bases for personal care products. These fats and oils may be esterified into various fatty acid esters and blends...



We’re able to modify fats and oil derivatives to provide protected or time-release coatings for agricultural products such as soil amendments and fertilizers. And, while most products are too refined for common feedstuffs use, some may be incorporated into nutritional...



Our oleochemicals, which include as esters of natural fats and oils and fatty acids, provide special characteristics necessary for various metalworking requirements: melt point, heat stability, specific gravity, oxidative stability, viscosity, emulsifiability, and lubricity.

ISO 9001:2015 certified production plants set industry standards for quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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