USA Headquarters

244 John B. Brooks Road,
Pendergrass, GA 30567

Seydel International

Seydel International

Seydel International, the international arm of the Seydel Companies, services customers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe through its extensive network of licensed partners. In fact, Seydel International has done business with overseas textile weavers and finishers longer than any other US manufacturer. Today, Seydel International is the largest supplier of these chemicals in the world market. Seydel International’s unique chemistry and technical consulting services are based on over 75 years of assisting customers in global markets. In addition to developing product formulations specifically for global markets, our experienced engineers travel the world to install new technologies, develop production systems for world class production, and assist in starting new mills, machinery or processes.


ISO 9001:2015 certified production plants set industry standards for quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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