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Durable Press Agents

Durable Press Agents

Our durable press agents are finishing resins designed to afford extremely low formaldehyde evolution from fabrics finished with them. Precatalyzed types are available.



SEYCO RESIN PFF is a precatalyzed, glyoxal resin. This product is very low in formaldehyde that also provides excellent wrinkle free performance or to add creases or wrinkles to garments.


SEYCO RESIN 933 is a 60% active glyoxal resin that provides excellent wrinkle free characteristics to cotton or cotton blends. It can also be used on garments to add creases or wrinkles. This product needs to be used with a catalyst like SEYCO CAT 739 or MG based catalyst. The product is very low in formaldehyde and will meet Japan Law 110 or the AATCC Test 110 when used as recommended.

SEYCO REZ 800 Base

SEYCO REZ 800 Base is similar to 933, very low in formaldehyde when garments are cured properly. This product will meet Japan Law 112 or the AATCC Test 112 when cured properly. Can be easily let down to any concentration.


SEYCO FIN II is a soft acrylic resin designed to add a sharper crease on wrinkle free performance garments or fabrics when cured or to enhance the crease or wrinkles on garments.


SEYCO FIN CC is a soft polyureathane resin designed to add durability to any wrinkle free garment or fabric when cured. Te product can also be used to improve the durability and sharpness to wrinkles and creases on garments.

2015 ISO certified production plants set industry standards for quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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