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SEYCO FINISH ESA BASE is a concentrated, easy to prepare hand builder that provides a smoother, flatter denim fabric while maintaining excellent shrinkage and elongation properties on denim. When Seyco Finish ESA Base is used with Seyco Lube BAM Conc, both provide excellent dimensional fabric stability and a cleaner, more consistent shade with little to no back staining. Normal usage is 10-12 g/l on normal denim fabrics. On denim flat finished fabrics a higher concentration may be needed as the size is totally removed in the causticizing or mercerizing process. Typical use is 20-25 g/l depending on the fabric weight and customer stiffness requirements.


SEYCO FINISH ESA-LK is supplied in a liquid form of a straw to amber color, packed in 55-gallon drums.


SEYCO SANFO 80 is a one piece nonionic, wetting/re-wetting agent, high density polyethylene softener, sanforizing lubricant and anti-sticking compound in a single product. Seyco Lube BAM Conc is versatile and can be used on 4 oz to 15.5 oz denim fabrics. The product gives an excellent hand to any denim fabric, eliminates the possibility of needle cutting, prevents corrugation marks from the sanforizer, and keeps the fabric and machinery cleaner for maximum production. Normal usage is 8-10 g/l. We recommend mixing at 55-60˚C while maintaining the same temperature in the finish box.


SEYCO SPERSE 801 is a nonionic, water soluble, polyester based, anti-redeposition aid which prevents the cross staining of indigo dye, sulfur dye or pigment dye. Seyco Sperse 801 keeps the filling yarns cleaner and shades more consistent on the pad steamer for a denim flat finished fabric, and in denim finishing on synthetic/cotton or Lycra/cotton styles. Typical usage in a finish formula is 5-10 g/l depending on the fabric shade and construction. Typically 5 g/l is sufficient.


SEYCO FIX DEM is a cationic fixative designed especially for indigo dyed yarns or fabrics. Seyco Fix DEM provides excellent color retention through many home laundries. It can be applied in slashing or in denim finishing. Normal usage will vary depending on the home laundry requirements and depth of shade. For wash fastness for up to 30 home launderings on a very dark indigo, we recommend 60 g/l, dry-on-dry yarn or fabric. On a typical or mid-depth shade 30 g/l, on a lighter shade 20 g/l is adequate.


SEYCO FIN CCU is a self-crosslinking, soft, polyurethane resin. Seyco Fin CCU is applied by padding, coating or spraying on fabrics or garments to give a unique hand and effect. It will also reduce abrasion resistance and improve fabric smoothness. Highly durable finish when cured.

2015 ISO certified production plants set industry standards for quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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