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Natural Fats and Oils

Natural Fats and Oils


Carotec BFT

CAROTEC BFT is a bleached fancy tallow.

Carotec SO

CAROTEC SO is a sulfating oil, a blend of vegetable oils used as feedstock for sulfations, sulfonations, expoxidation, and other reactions.

Carotec TOS

CAROTEC TOS is a technical oleo stearine, a blend of fully hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated animal fats.

Carotec EWS-LO

CAROTEC EWS-LO is an extra-winter strained lard oil, winterized or low-cloud animal fats.

Carotec LD

CAROTEC LD is a reaction grade lard or pork fat.

ISO 9001:2015 certified production plants set industry standards for quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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