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Fatty Acid Esters

Fatty Acid Esters


Carolube 2EHT

CAROLUBE 2EHT is a 2-ethyl hexyl ester of tall oil fatty acids, 2-ethyl hexyl stearate.

Carolube 2EHS

CAROLUBE 2EHS is a 2-ethyl hexyl ester of stearic acid, 2-ethyl hexyl stearate.

Carolube BCS

CAROLUBE BCS is a butyl carbitol ester of stearic acid, butyl carbitol stearate.

Carolube TDS

CAROLUBE TDS is a tridecyl alcohol ester of stearic acid, tridecyl stearate.

Carolube GMO

CAROLUBE GMO is a glyceryl mono oleate, semi-emulsifiable oil from oleic acid.

Carolube B-O

CAROLUBE B-O is a n-butyl alcohol ester of oleic acid, butyl oleate.

2015 ISO certified production plants set industry standards for quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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